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JCSEVA GolfersOne of the many ways the JCSE Veterans Association supports current and former members of the Greater JCSE and their family members is our scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded on merit and not a defined discipline. Meritorious awards will be determined by individual achievements, community service, efforts within individual disciplines and career aspirations once their academic pursuit has been achieved. We help fund this program with an annual golf tournament. Learn more about our scholarship program and see how you can help.

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    JCSE Veterans Association connects veterans of CSE, JCSE, JCSE-ARE, 224th JCSS and 290th JCSS - past and present. We support the current members of these units as well as former members and their families. In addition to connecting with old friends online and at various events, we provide support through projects and programs for our members. If you are a veteran of any of these units, we invite you to join us.
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