January 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

JCSE VA Board of Directors
6:00 PM, Jan 29, 2009
IHOP, Spruce Street,
Tampa, Florida

Opening Remarks

Meeting opened at 18:25 with prayer by JC Wise. In attendance were:

    Dave Jones
    Charles Meeks
    Charles Monson
    Bob Yee
    Willie Stokes
    Jeff Garaeu
    Bernard McGriff
    JC Wise

Minutes from previous Meeting – not presented

Financial Report – Presented and accepted

Membership Report – Presented and accepted

Old Business

Scholarship program – Dave Jones made a motion to change the scholarship program to an annual program vs the semi-annual program we now fund. The motion carried by unanimous vote.
The board also agreed to modify JCSE VA Scholarship Program document to reflect the change. Dave Jones will draft the change.
The board discussed the criteria for award. Willie Stokes will send out the application form so that we can review it and develop recommended criteria and scoring methodology for selection.

New Business

Fund raising – Jeff Gareau is now working the fundraiser effort for 2009. Jeff and Charles Meeks will coordinate a date for a golf tournament.
Bob Yee recommended we raffle a large TV, motorcycle, etc. Sell the tickets for $5.00 or more. All agreed it was a good idea. How do we sell the tickets?
Operation Home Front – Jeff briefed the board on current activities of Operation Home Front.
Web Site – Willie will coordinate a date and time for him, Bob, and Dave to visit with Denise and work on the web site. MSG McGriff will query Mr Chris Wilson as to t the possibility of JCSE hosting the JCSE VA web site on the JCSE server.
New JCSE VA Coin – Bob Yee briefed his idea as to how the new coin should be designed. After several questions, the Board of Director’s agreed on the design and for Bob to present a quote for this design at the next meeting.

Next Meeting – Feb 19, 2009 at the IHOP

Closing Remarks