JCSEVA Scholarships Announced

Today is a happy day in JCSE VA. I have the pleasure of mailing JCSE VA Scholarship award letters to six college students; sons and daughters of JCSE Members.

Amanda Rodriguez
Laura Turner
Matthew Bunn
Monica Sobers
Ryan Ruiz
David Inman, Jr.

Your Veterans Association is very proud to be able to support these young men and women as they work to achieve their life goals.

On the down side – The JCSE VA Scholarship Funds is empty. Without support from our membership and corporate partners, we will not be in a position to make awards for the 2009 Fall Semester. I hope that in these tough economic times, our membership can support this vital and important program with a tax deductable donation.

Thank you for all you have done in the past and in advance for all that will be done in the future.


Dave Jones