Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will work toward strengthening and increasing Association membership among full, associate, and honorary eligibles. Duties include: polling Association membership and reconciling the database with membership strength; notification and collection of membership dues; establishing, verifying, accepting and initiating nomination credentials for any class of membership. Will develop and maintain current postal and electronic mail databases. Will work to establish regional Chapters where viable, and provide oversight and advice as required.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee will be responsible for evaluating and implementing policies which will accrue to the fiscal benefit of the Association and its membership, while also insuring the highest level of compliance with federal and state regulations. Will work to establish and assist regional Chapters, where viable, and provide oversight and advice as required.

Reunion Committee

The Reunion Committee will be responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the biennial Reunion.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will be responsible for evaluating and installing, operating, and maintaining cutting edge communications technologies required to enable the Association to communicate with the membership, in accordance with the time honored motto, “The Voice Heard Around the World.”

History Committee

The History Committee will work diligently to expeditiously establish and maintain an accurate database of historical stories, anecdotes, events, and records of the JCSE. Will solicit and collect mementos stored in appropriate locations and from the membership. Will coordinate with applicable DoD and other outside agencies to gain access to historical information about the organization. Will work with the Communications Committee to make the information available to the membership.

Publicity and Recognition Committee

The Publicity and Recognition Committee will be responsible for publicizing the Association, its events, and its recognition programs. Will develop and administer programs that recognize the accomplishments of current JCSE/224th/290th members, as well as active members of this Association. Will recommend donations to various charitable, educational, and military programs.

Memorabilia Committee

The Memorabilia Committee will be responsible for designing, procuring, and distributing Association memorabilia, including coins, shirts, hats, and other items as may be of use to the membership.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee will initiate all calls for nominees as requested by the Board, and will verify eligibility and suitability of nominees before presenting any slate to the Board.