Officer Nominations

JCSE VA General Membership,

All correspondence regarding the General Elections should be directed to

Bill Holland, 2nd VP – William.Holland1 @

Nominations for JCSE VA offices should reach Bill Holland no later than June 1, 2010.


The JCSE VA BY Laws lay out the responsibilities, length of terms, and reelection of the Board of Directors.

a. ARTICLE III, Section 1, para a. directs the normal term for the President, Second Vice President, and the Secretary is two years.

b. ARTICLE III, Section 3, para 4. directs the Second Vice President to oversee the Nomination Committee

c. ARTICLE III, Section 3, para 6. provides the responsibilities for the Nominations Committee.

In accordance with ARTICLE III, Section 3, paragraph 4, I solicit volunteers to serve on the JCSE VA Nomination Committee. The duties of the committee will be to seek out nominations to serve as the President, Second Vice President, and Secretary for the period of June 12, 2010 to on/about June 11, 2012 (the estimated bi-annual reunion). The committee will be responsible to ensure the eligibility and suitability of all candidates and submit the nomination slate to the General Membership for Primary and/or General Elections as may be appropriate.

Elections will be through majority vote of the Association members in good standing, through electronic and posted mail, and other means deemed reliable. The elections will be held at a time to ensure the new Board of Directors are installed at the June 2010 Reunion.

It is my intent that the Nominations Committee be a “virtual” committee and accomplish all tasks via the email/internet/the JCSE VA Web Site and/or posted mail. This means will provide maximum access to every member of the organization.

This is your opportunity to take part in the JCSE VA, to help that it to the next level and ensure the goals established and the 1st Annual Reunion are achieved.