Order of the Gold Coin


Prior to the 2002 JCSE Veterans Association Reunion at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in downtown Tampa, Florida, the Board of Directors decided that they would present engraved Gold JCSE-VA Coins to a select few members that had unselfishly donated an abundance of personal time and resources for the betterment of the association. The initial recipients of the Gold Coin were: Pete Dieck (Life Member #061 & Guest Speaker at the 2002 reunion), Charlie Monson (Life Member #003 & Membership Committee Chairman) & Bob Yee (Life Member #001 & Web Site Coordinator).

The Board of Directors subsequently decided that the initial gold coin recipients would form a committee which would review future gold coin nominations and provide a recommendation list to the Board of Directors for validation and presentation of JCSE-VA Gold Coins at the next reunion in 2004. Future Gold Coin committees would only consist of past Gold Coin recipients.

The 2004 reunion was delayed until 2005, but the Board of Directors approved award of Gold Coins to Blythe Miller (Life Member #014 & 2nd Vice President; now Treasurer), Dawn McBride (friend of Blythe Miller & large contributor of goods for the 2001 JCSE Children’s Christmas Party), Willie Stokes (Life Member #004 & 2-term JCSE-VA President) & Marshall Soghoian (Honorary Life Member #001 & generous contributor to the JCSE-VA).

For 2007, the Board of Directors approved the following for award of the Gold Coin: Dave Jones (Life Member #011 & 2-term JCSE-VA President), Charlie Meeks (Life Member #033 & 4- term JCSE-VA 1st Vice President), Bob Giffin (Life Member #018 & initial JCSE-VA Web Master), Denise Olson (JCSE-VA Web Master), Paul Paquette (Life Member #005 & 3 1⁄2 -term JCSE-VA Treasurer) & Marshall Soghoian (Honorary Life Member #001 & Initial Contributor to the JCSE- VA Scholarship Fund).

In 2008, the Association presented Gold Coins to: Carol Allard (Past JCSE-VA Secretary & Life Member #072), Robert L. Bethea Jr. (former JCSE Commander & Life Member #035), David McComas (JCSE Command Sergeant Major), Bernard McGriff (JCSE Project Officer for the 2008 JCSE/JCSE-VA Reunion & Life Member #156), John B. Morrison Jr. (JCSE Commander), Jerry Perry (Life Member #009), Rhonda Smith-Shields (JCSE-VA Secretary & Life Member #130), & John C. Wise (JCSE-VA Chaplain & Life Member #024).

In 2010, the JCSE-VA Board of Directors decided that the Gold Coins awarded for this and subsequent years would be engraved “sequence numbered” and presented to each recipient based upon the alphabetical order of their last name in the year presented. Past recipient’s numbering sequence will be recognized in the order they appear in the Association archive, however new coins will not be issued.

The 2010 recipients in alphabetical order are: 022 – Lamont Akins (Life Member #115), 023 – Willie Bermudez (Life Member #195), 024 – Gary Buharp (Life Member #013), 025 – Stephen Corcoran (JCSE Commander), 026 – Julie Copeland (Past JCSE-VA 2nd Vice President & Life Member #086), 027 – Tony Downing (Life Member #048),028 – Tom Goldsworthy (Life Member #090), 029 – Bob Manwaring (Life Member #032), 030 – Cecil Miles (Life Member #007), 031 – Ron Pflieger (JCSE Command Sergeant Major) and 032 – Bill Holland (Life Member #155). Note: Bill Holland’s award was conducted “off-cycle” and his Gold Coin is non-alpha/numeric sequenced due to his imminent departure on PCS orders.

In 2011, the Association’s Board of Directors approved a new category of recipient identified as “Distinguished Individuals & others deemed worthy through their contribution to either the active JCSE or the JCSE Veterans Association.” The initial recipient of this honor was Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio who was presented an un-numbered Gold Coin in recognition of her service to Tampa and its military veterans.

Consolidated Recipient List
2002: 001. Pete Dieck, 002. Charlie Monson & 003. Bob Yee
2004: 004. Blythe Miller, 005. Dawn McBride, 006. Marshall Soghoian & 007. Willie Stokes
2007: 008 Bob Giffin, 009. Dave Jones, 010. Charlie Meeks, 011. Denise Olson, 012. Paul Paquette & 013. Marshall Soghoian (2nd award – Posthumous)
2008: 014. Carol Allard, 015. Robert L. Bethea Jr., 016. David McComas, 017. Bernard McGriff, 018. John B. Morrison Jr., 019. Jerry Perry, 020. Rhonda Smith-Shields & 021. John C. Wise.
2010: #022-Lamont Akins, #023-Willie Bermudez, #024-Gary Buharp, #025-Stephen Corcoran, #026-Julie Copeland, #027-Tony Downing, #028-Bob Manwaring, #029- Cecil Miles & #030-Ron Pflieger
2011: #032 Bill Holland, No Number Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio
2012: #033 Lee Vannes, #034 Delores Perry, #035 John Lescanec, #036 Wesley Cook, #037 Mike Andler