Scholarship Intent: To promote the educational goals of current and former members of the Greater JCSE and their family members. Scholarships will be awarded on merit and not a defined discipline. Meritorious awards will be determined by individual achievements, community service, efforts within individual disciplines and career aspirations once their academic pursuit has been achieved.

Number and Types of Awards: The JCSE-VA will announce the availability of scholarships annually. Awards will be may prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester. Notices of scholarship availability will be forwarded to each unit with a request for the widest possible dissemination. Additionally, the notice of availability will be posted on the website. The JCSE-VA Scholarship committee will be responsible for determine the number and type of awards. Awards may be in the form of financial assistance or academic support. Scholarships may be awarded to individuals for not more than two years. Performance standards will be the responsibility of and managed by the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Selection Criteria: The following criteria and grading system will be used to establish scholarship winners and funding levels.

1. GPA: On a 4 point scale a GPA of 4 = 5 points, 3 = 4 points, 2 = 3 points.
2. Recommendations: Highly recommended on both = 5 or 4 points.
3. Academic Achievements: Applies to Honors awarded, Class Valedictorian or Salutatorian or honors graduate and etc
4. Community Involvement: One point for each effort up to a maximum five

The attached Scholarship Score Sheet will be used by Board Members.

Scholarship Winner Announcement: Individuals receiving scholarships will be invited to and recognized during the Biennial Reunion.

Scholarship Nominations: Individuals will comply with this paragraph when submitting nominations for the JCSE-VA Scholarship

1. Who May Submit: Current or former members of units within the Greater JCSE; ARE, JCSE, 224th and the 290th, and/or members of their immediate family. Members of the JCSE-VA Board of Directors may not submit requests for scholarships during their tenure as Board members.
2. Nomination Format: To be determine buy the Scholarship Committee
3. Submission Deadline: To be determined by the Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Donors: Those individuals or business entities donating to the JCSE-VA Scholarship fund will be recognized during the biennial Reunion. Those making donations may be recognized as:

Benefactor– This category of contributor is eligible to have a scholarship given in their name and to define the condition for its award.

Patron: contributors providing funds in excess of to support a general scholarship.

Donor: contributors making contributions of less than to support the general scholarship

Space on the JCSE-VA web site will be allocated to recognize all those individuals and businesses supporting this effort

>> JCSE-VA Scholarship Application Form.
>> Make a donation to the Scholarship fund via PayPal (using either your PayPal account or a credit card) by clicking the donation button below.