Scholarship Program Support

The JCSE VA Scholarship Program is “self perpetuating”. Meaning it’s funded from sources other than the JCSE VA General Fund. Your contribution combined with other fundraising activities will permit the association to continue its effort of providing scholarship support to eligible members and their immediate families. Since its inception the JCSE-VA has awarded three scholarships: one during the reunion of 2007 and two during the Reunion of 2008. During both reunions, donations from the members present were sufficient to fund the applications for the Spring 2009 semester.

However we must now begin preparing for the 2009/2010 school year. I am soliciting your tax deductable donations specifically marked for the JCSE VA Scholarship Fund. If we receive sufficient donations from our Life Members, we could present a JCSE VA Life Member’s Sponsored Scholarship.

As stated above, the association is planning additional fund raising events for the same purpose. I’ll inform the membership of those efforts as planning comes to fruition.

Donations can be made on the web site at the link Or click on the Donation link on Or send a check to

Joint Communications Support Element Veterans Association
PO Box 6032
MacDill AFB, Florida 33608

A tax receipt will be sent via snail mail.

Thanks for you continued support.

Dave Jones